You will be satisfied

2018, object from the collection of the Polish Sculpture Center in Orońsko, repair, ignition of the motorcycle

As part of the 8th Young Triennale, I moved out of the warehouses of the Polish Sculpture Center in Orońsko, a broken motorcycle. This is the work of Adam Rzepecki in the CRP collection. The engine of my art is SHL-ka. The motorcycle turned out to be an improper dummy, so I invited local mechanics to cooperate who repaired the motorcycle during the exhibition. After removing the defects, I made the installation from the repaired motorcycle - SHL-ka rides alone around its own axis. The official launch of an efficient SHL was held as part of the Rusicka / Rzepecki joint exhibition at the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko in June 2018.

Thanks for cooperation in the repair of SHL-ka for Mr. Tadeusz Łyżwa and Sylwek Różyk from RetroCars.

Video from SHL-ki firing

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