Portrait with Rainbow

2016, photographic installation, 4x4 m

A photographic installation in the form of a faceboard with hole to put the face in and be photographed. A photograph printed on the faceboard shows the "Tęcza" ("Rainbow") in flames on the Savior Square (Plac Zbawiciela) in the Polish capital of Warsaw. "Tęcza" was an artistic installation made by polish contemporary artist Julita Wójcik. It was an artistic construction in the form of a giant rainbow made of artificial flowers.The construction was vandalized several times, generating significant media coverage in Polish media, usually in the context of LGBT rights in Poland.
A photograph printed on the faceboard shows the demage of "Tęcza" during marches on Polish Independence Day on 11 November 2013. The November 2013 incident occurred in the background of a wider riot by right-wing nationalists, who clashed with police and vandalized other parts of the city as well.
The author of photographs documenting the event is Nina Rybińska.