2017, execution and hanging a banner with the inscription "VETO" on the Sanatorium tower in Sokołowsko during the Konteksty festival

July 2017 was a time of manifestation in Poland regarding the law on the judiciary. At that time, I took part in the 7th edition of the Konteksty festival in Sokołowsko. Frustrated by the fact that instead of manifesting, I sit in beautiful circumstances Sokołowska at the festival, whose participants did not react in their works to the slogan of the festival: "It is so", which the founder of the curator was supposed to "provoke artists to address issues regarding their attitudes towards social problems , political, aesthetic or philosophical. What the viewer sees during the festival will be an artistic reaction to the state of current events - an uncomfortable situation in which the world is now "-
I offered to make and hang a banner with the VETO inscription on the Sokołowska sanatorium tower. I made the banner and hanged it together with Kasper Lecnim and Joanna Rajkowska.