We have a voice!

2017, invitation of Nowaczki and Nowaków from Chechnya to participate in the Forum of the Future of Culture 2017 at the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw

I invited to participate actively in the Postartist Service Office workshops (creating protest slogans, banners, clothes) a group of people who forced the political situation to flee from their own country (mainly from Chechnya). These persons are in the process of applying for a legal and permanent residence in Poland. The invitation was an attempt to express the voice of the minority, which in the current situation is difficult to present their demands and needs in the public space.

In the Postartical Services Office, organized as part of the Resistance of Form exhibition, during the Forum of the Future of Culture 2017 in the Universal Theater, novices and noveltés invited and invited as part of the Our Voice campaign! prepared and prepared their shirts, with the invaluable support of Bogna Tęczynopol, Aga Schroeder, Rafał Żwirka, assembled multifunctional protest ladders together with Olga Micińska and Kasper Lecnim, joined the campaign Let the women be thanks to Adelina Cimochowicz and Katka Blajchert, painted banners, worked with Mateusz Kowalczyk at the onerate monument and they spoke and said NO exclusion of minorities together with ZUBRZYCE. We say NO, and also saw and saw the Witch's Choir during rehearsals.

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